Get Your Charge Away from Me!TeachEngineeringSimulation...Demonstrate the fundamental properties of polar and non-polar molecules (such as water and oil), how they interact, and the affect surfactants have on their interactions. Suggested LearningEstimated Time to Consume Resource...Time30 : 00 HoursEstimated Cost for Resource...CostFreeName of Skill (Mousever Context in applying Skill...SkillsItensity and Frequency in Applying Skill...FocusLevel of Difficulty in Applying Skill...LevelEducation / Higher Education / Training Standards Applying Skill...StandardSkill Points Earned After Completing Requirements...PointsTechnicalPhysicsFocus: 50%Intermediate178TransferableTroubleshootingFocus: 17%Intermediate48TransferableMathematicsFocus: 17%Intermediate48TransferableTeamworkFocus: 17%Intermediate48...Total Skill Points:322Facts and Information and Perspectives Learned...Knowledge GainShow that oil and water differ in polarity and because of this difference they do not mix favorably, allowing water to form a phase-separated sphere in oil. Live Link to the Resource...Resource Link Label™ Patent 11587190